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How to Calculate an NPS Score | Net Promoter Score

how to calculate an nps score

You want to launch a survey program (voice of the customer), How are you going to capture the NPS?


To capture NPS we must have data of detractors, Passives & Promoters ( Successors)



0-6 = Detractors

7-8 = Passive

9-10 = Promoters (Successors/Loyal Customers or Vendors)


How to promote awareness of VOC or customer journey among your staff?

Promote/conduct more webinars, training on the importance of customer journey by highlighting all good aspects of “VOC” try to incentivize the customer journey program amount the sales team. Make this mandatory and part of the monthly/ yearly incentive plan.

NPS Calculation

Formula to Calculate NPS = Promoters/loyal ones – Detractors = NPS


The NPS could be in negative or positive based upon the data-driven from the CX – customer feedback analytics.



Through CSAT score we will determine related to the number of satisfied customers


Formula to Calculate CSAT = Total No OF Satisfied Customers/ No. Of Survey Response * 100= CSAT



There are some parameters which needs to be followed before launching any survey program:


Design structured and unstructured questionnaire based upon the nature of the product that you think should help in maturing the product and reduction in customer retention to leave.


Frontline Management: Take the front line management in the loop and ask them to Implement the VOC in all perspective by highlighting all the good points and how it will benefit them and of course the company.


A/B Testing: Initiate the beta testing inside the organization and with some limited number of customers/vendors listen to their feedback and make the survey experience better before the official launch.


Final Launch: After A/B testing and changes implement the survey program and gather customer data.


Monitor/ Listen: Go through all the feedback analytics and reports forward all the positive, negative comments and thoughts received from vendors/customers to the respective departments to make sure that better experience and prompt changes would be initiated. Calculate the ROI and VOC program success.


Last but not the least customer won’t get unheard listen to their queries and offer a suitable solution by eliminating their problem.

How will you structure the survey? (related to the previous question) * assume that the business is fast food


I will go with a very basic one because customers mostly they don’t like to fill lengthy forms:


1- How you rate our food from 10/10?

  1. i-e: = 8


2- What do you like the most in our restaurant? 

  1. i-e: = Cheese Burger


3- How was our service and hygiene?

  1. Neutral
  2. Good
  3. Excellent


4- Any recommendations or feedback you want to give us to improve our services?

  1. i-e: text


5- Your Name


7-  Age


8- Email/Phone 


Thank you for your Patience and Time. We would love to see you soon 🙂


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