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How to run Email Marketing Campaign with Gmail in 2021 | 100% Free!

How to run Email Marketing Campaign with Gmail

Your email marketing campaigns with "Yet Another Mail Merge"

Writing a highly engaging email/newsletters to your clients is one of the hardest tasks. Make your customers more aware of your offers & products by retaining maximum out of your ROI (Return On Investment).  How to earn online $1000?


Many big companies like Nike, Target, Walmart and many more. All these big giants use email marketing in order to promote their products, services and promotions.  Also, many blogging and news companies that are related to journalism use email marketing to promote their RSS feed which helps them to get more traffic to their website.


In case if you are a recruiter and you have to send multiple emails to a number of candidates in just one go to make sure that you have your recruitment goals achieved then this will also help you out. This article is about simple plain email, not the fancy one but it will be more impactful. Also, people, who are into lead generation this is a great platform for them to expand their business.

Here is a question can we send bulk emails to multiple clients or candidates for free by using our Gmail account?

The answer is a “Big Yes” all you need to do is you just have to install a Chrome extension which is “Yet Another Mail Merge” by just searching on the Google search engine by just typing the title in the search box you will get the result.


Guide for 100% free email marketing campaign

Download link: Yet Another Mail Merge


Why this extension?

✅ Free Bulk Emails

✅ High Open Rate

✅ Fast Email Delivery

✅ Compatible with Gmail

✅ Email Tracking

✅ Time & Cost Savy


Now the question is why we have used "Yet Another Mail Merge" for this campaign?

The extension is pretty much handy and easy to use. A normal person who has very limited knowledge to execute bulk emails he or she can easily utilise this extension by composing and initiating the brand awareness campaigns. This extension is a freemium tool which means that it’s a blend of free and premium.


The second most important thing about this extension is which I liked a lot is compatibility with any “Gmail” account so, you do not need to have a domain-based account.


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