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Why is Spot Training a Myth? Does Spot Training really works? Spot Training Decoded!

why is spot training a myth?

Why is spot training a myth? Does Spot training really work? Spot Training Decoded!

The term Spot training indicates that people train to reduce fat from the targeted part of the body. The training enables you to reduce all sort of bad fats from the specific area you want without impacting on other body parts.


Let’s assume that you have massive fats on your thighs or hips and you want to get rid of out without losing a single inch of fat from other areas of the body except for thighs and hips this training can help you to achieve your weight loss goals.


You can design your own goals when to sleep, what to eat? And what not to eat? how much sleep do you need to stay active the whole day? How you can overcome stress? All these parameters dictate your metabolism, biochemical and hormones balance to perform.


No training or food can help you reduce your weight as long as you make your routine up to the mark which includes you’re eating habits, exercise and sleep patterns. Your body only depends upon your decisions which you do that involve eating healthy or unhealthy. All those fitness gurus who promise you that they will help you get strong abs without losing an inch of arm muscle by initiating spot training will not give you results until and unless you start eating healthy by adopting a better lifestyle.


People who think that starving and excessive exercise can make them lose weight and fat will only lead to weakness and loss of muscle gains.


The fitness guru are making tons of money by telling people that if they adapt there spot training weight loss program they will achieve the promised results which they are really looking for but the reality is it’s totally impossible that you only reduce your belly fat but don’t lose the overall fat.


Let’s take an example you have set a goal to reduce belly fat and the time limit is 3 months for  90 days you are consistently doing crunches to get the desired results by only hitting your abs the answer is you won’t get that. Why? In order to achieve the goal, you have to reduce the overall fat percentage that can be done through eating healthy and adapting better clean lifestyle.


Does your body only know when to make fat? Where to store the fat? When to release the fat?

The good fat act as a fuel to your body that keeps you kick in. With Spot training maybe it will work for you for a limited time but when you stop training they fat will come again from the other fat storage pockets this only because you didn’t work on the overall fat percentage of the body.


Will intense aerobic exercise help you reduce fat? Does it help in Spot training?


Aerobics is a great exercise to reduce fat but intense exercise will end up with a cough, high heart rate and deep breath. The lungs won’t produce much oxygen and the body starts producing glycogen at that point they body stops releasing excess fat.


For spot training it won’t reduce fat from the targeted area it will break the fatty agents anywhere the body wants and the call to spot training will be observed unheard. Do You Know What Are the 10 Best Zinc Rich Foods That Are High In Zinc?


Tips to reduce body fats

Workout/Exercise Plan: Design a schedule that indicates you like when to do cardio, aerobics, weight and strength training. The rest also plays an essential part in the muscle recovery so, the rest days should be added in the schedule.


Diet Plan: Schedule your diet plan to eat healthily, reduce oily and fat-causing food from your diet. Make your diet macros up to the mark by eating lean, healthy and clean food. Also, when you take your meal the timeline should be pre-designed and implemented.


Water: According to “ H.H Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the brain and heart consist of 73% water and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are watery: 31%”.  Source


Eat plenty of water and stay hydrated the whole day. It causes nutrients that will help in improving skin and metabolism. The water is also a great source for weight loss.


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